Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lies! Sweet, sweet lies.

I moved to Morningside in September, which means I moved New York Sports Clubs and it has not been an easy transition. It's much smaller, and the weights and weight machines are downstairs where the muscly dude : chubby lady ratio is vastly disproportionate compared with my old UES gym. There also no spinning class, just a single bike upstairs with the rest of the stationary bikes. So, I've mostly been sticking to the treadmill. One treadmill.

The very last one all the way in the back of the gym. The first time I ran on it, I started at a 6.0. But I was feeling so fantastic and not the least bit tired, that I kicked it up to 6.5. Then 7.0...then 8.0...and then I realized the treadmill was broken because there was no way I was running an 7:30-minute mile and feeling so great. But it's kind of awesome to see that number and not feel so slow and lame, even if you are slow and lame, especially when someone is on the treadmill next to you who clearly CAN run a 7:30mm.

Today was my first day back to the gym since New Years and even though the gym was WAY less crowded than I expected it to be, sadly, someone was on my prized machine. I swallowed my cheap, un-earned pride and took a different treadmill and started at a 6.0 but still felt pretty great. Even at a 6.5, with a little sprint at the end of my 5k. This treadmill clearly wasn't as broken...but I still think it's a little inaccurate. Nevertheless, maybe this new gym isn't so bad after all...

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