Saturday, January 7, 2012

My second last race of 2011

Okay, so my New Year's Resolution to stop running was dead in the water before 2012 really even started.

But I would do anything for Joe 10k—even if his face wasn't on the shirt this year. HOWEVER, this was the last race I was signed up for, so now I'm not going register for anything before March and I promise to stick to my 6-8week rest policy from here on out.

First, a lesson: Even when you try to be non-judgmental and avoid preconceived notions about people, if you are a girl in running clothes do not walk to a race in the early morning through the projects or you will be catcalled, or in this case, groped. Ew.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolving, almost.

Happy belated New Year!

After a happy, busy, dysfunctional, all-too-brief holiday I am back in action. Kind of.

Mid-December I had another MRI on my shin and went back to my sports medicine doctor to learn that my almost-stress fracture has become a mini stress fracture. The prescription was 6-8 weeks of no-impact exercise and rest. AND a home ultrasound bone healing device (which, miracle of miracles, my insurance decided to cover—every medical professional involved was shocked! I figure maybe because it was the holidays and Oxford felt bad for denying me any more physical therapy...but probably not.)