Saturday, January 7, 2012

My second last race of 2011

Okay, so my New Year's Resolution to stop running was dead in the water before 2012 really even started.

But I would do anything for Joe 10k—even if his face wasn't on the shirt this year. HOWEVER, this was the last race I was signed up for, so now I'm not going register for anything before March and I promise to stick to my 6-8week rest policy from here on out.

First, a lesson: Even when you try to be non-judgmental and avoid preconceived notions about people, if you are a girl in running clothes do not walk to a race in the early morning through the projects or you will be catcalled, or in this case, groped. Ew.

Moving on, I started in the back with a friend, where we saw a few of my fellow Jackrabbit marathon group members. She hasn't been running too much lately, so we kept the pace slow, and while I could've gone faster I was definitely not complaining. I haven't been running too much myself, in fact, no running at all between this race and New Years, so I was happy that I felt as good as I did. I wasn't tired or aching or fighting for breath at all and could have kept running for sure. (Cross-training...who know?)

We could not have asked for better weather (though un-freaking-seasonably warm! (How can people claim that climate change is not real?!)), and my shin did not hurt one teeny tiny bit, which makes my temporary departure from running even harder. I just have to keep focusing on building strength and dropping pounds in the next 2 months so that when I go back to it, I go back in better shape than before!

To treat myself, I went out and bought a pair of ice skates thinking that would be a good low-impact substitute, but now I'm wondering if I should check with the doctor first. Is fulfilling the 8-year-old-me's dream of becoming Kristi Yamaguchi worth an extra 60 days rest? Debatable...

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