Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolving, almost.

Happy belated New Year!

After a happy, busy, dysfunctional, all-too-brief holiday I am back in action. Kind of.

Mid-December I had another MRI on my shin and went back to my sports medicine doctor to learn that my almost-stress fracture has become a mini stress fracture. The prescription was 6-8 weeks of no-impact exercise and rest. AND a home ultrasound bone healing device (which, miracle of miracles, my insurance decided to cover—every medical professional involved was shocked! I figure maybe because it was the holidays and Oxford felt bad for denying me any more physical therapy...but probably not.)

Because I have to take this time off, it means I will not be ready in time to train for the Paris Marathon and it also means I had to withdraw from the NYC Half-Marathon. Boo! So, what did I do? I signed up for the NYRR New Year's Eve Midnight Run—because if I had to give up those other races then, by god, I was going to literally run into the new year, dammit!

Running in the New Year with my friend Kaitlyn!

Which really just sets me back 2 weeks. But I am stubborn. I am a runner.

Therefore, my Running New Year's Resolution was to stop being so stupid and heal for real...until I realized I was also registered for the Joe Kleinerman 10k this weekend! Bah! And here's where it all starts to fall apart. "I just ran 4 and felt fine...It's only 6 miles...I'm already registered...It's the last one I'm signed up for...Whats one more week of putting off rest and recovery..."

Who are we kidding? We all know I'm gonna run it. (A resolution that lasted just 48 hours! I think that's a new record.) So I'll be set back 3.5 weeks. But then, seriouslyreally100%, I am not running for those entire 6-8 weeks. Almost certainly. Probably. Definitely.

**Sigh** It's a good thing I got that nifty new Garmin for Christmas...

Perfect timing. No pun intended :\

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