Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aaaand it's only Tuesday

First off, let me just say how much I love volleyball. Too bad it's taken me so long to participate in organized team sports, but now I'm here and I totally dig it. Even though our team is not that good. (But that's what 'extremely casual' divisions are for!)

Our first real game was Sunday and we played the same team of kindergarteners as the scrimmage. Only this time there were 3x as many of them. And one of their dads was there video taping it on his phone. And I wanted to barf. What can I say, I got hate. But they're just so young and douche-y. AND I missed a really easy shot because this one girl was just standing there moving her head around like she was watching a fly and I got so distracted looking at her being distracted. Nice tactic, blondie.

Also, I look like I was kidnapped and bound at the wrists.

As for my runs, I planned for three this week: M, T and Th. So far Monday was a fail. I had an upset stomach in the morning, and my shin was aching in the afternoon so I took an extra day off. So I'll either run twice, or squeeze in three in a row, neither of which is an ideal option. But it certainly wouldn't be the first time I didn't run according to plan, so, whatever. Easy 3 on the treadmill followed by a Core Conditioning class.

And finally, as promised, here is the seriously creepy Alvin statue at NYSC Harlem:

P.S. I'm trying to eat more salad lately—heart of palm, where have you been all my life?!

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