Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To run or not to run?!?!

Here's the rub:

I am scheduled to run the Brooklyn half next month, but I'm also meant to start training for the NYC Marathon in July.
If I get injured (again) due to Brooklyn, I don't really have time to recover before marathon training starts.
But if I don't run Brooklyn, I won't have enough qualifying races for the NYC Half guaranteed entry next year.

Training so far:

—I ran my last half 4 weeks ago, followed by a 10k & 4miler the next weekend.
—Then I was diagnosed with tendonitis, and have taken 2 weeks off.
—In the meantime I've done deep water running and other cross training.

IF I decide to run Brooklyn my plan is:

During the week: 3 2-mile runs, or 2 3-mile runs
6 mile long run Saturday

3mi, 3mi, 2mi
8 mile long run Saturday

3 mi, 4mi, 3mi
10 mile long run Saturday

3 mi, 2 mi
Half Marathon

I feel like I have the fitness base to back this up, but I just don't want the increased milage in a small window to give me another bout of tendonitis or a stress fracture.

Should I even test out the plan above? Is that still too much mileage too soon? Do I walk/run Brooklyn? Do I just throw in the towel altogether and wait for the NYCM?


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