Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So in between my 10-miler in January and my tearful 8-miler last week I did do a little running. It went a little something like this:

After the really chilly Run to the Brewery, I ran an even chillier Hot Chocolate 10k in Prospect Park with Kaitlyn.

SO COLD! Of course, by the end of it I was overheating but man were my digits numb at the start line. It was 1.5 laps of the park, and I hate loops (especially ones with huge hills!) but my time was still pretty good and I clocked in at 1:00:14.

I was hoping to do the D.C. Rock'n'Roll Half in March, but the way February went, I was too busy to train properly, so I didn't register. Smart move. I was putting in miles here and there (mostly there) but I really needed a race to get my focused and the Brooklyn Half it was. The rest of the year so far has looked like this:

March consisted mostly of bRUNch with Outward Bound friends and slowly turning up the mileage. 

Now that it's April I've done a few more races, a few "Run for Boston" runs and will finally be hitting double digits.

With just over 3 weeks to go to Brooklyn I'm a little anxious but excited. I've been registered to run this race for three years now, but each year I couldn't run because of injuries or having to travel for work...so this is my year!  Training hasn't felt too bad so far (knock on wood!).In a perfect world, I would do it under two hours, but really all I'm aiming for is to have it not be my slowest half. I think I'm on the right track :)

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